Monday, August 22, 2011

good stuff

well i finished reading no cry sleep solution and i liked it pretty well. i need to go to the library and pick up happiest baby on the block next. jake and i talked about sleep training last night and i said i was worried about getting up every hour and not getting any sleep. he said i shouldn't worry because we'll be taking turns. he is going to be the greatest dad, he's so eager to be hands on about everything. we talked about how i'd probably want to take leila to visit my family while i'm on maternity leave and he said i'd have to make them day trips because it isn't fair for me to take her away for even one night. how adorable is that? then again, by the time that rolls around he might be begging for a night of crying-free sleep, haha.

this thursday i have a baby shower at work and am looking forward to it. i also had a baby shower last weekend with friends and jake's family, it was lots of fun. we did a bib decorating activity which was neat. it'll be fun to feed leila and be reminded of the person who made that particular bib. leila got even more presents, tons of cute accessories this time. aunt gail ordered these precious socks that look like mary jane shoes in a bunch of colors. stephanie and celeste got her an assortment of headbands, flowers, and bows too, just like stuff her mama wears! she's going to be quite the fashionista with her little socks and headbands. we decided we are going to buy a nice camera next month so we can take good quality pictures of her at home. my poor baby is going to be like a doll, dressed up and having her picture taken all day! that's alright though, i need to take advantage of making her a girly girl now in case she becomes a tomboy later. :-)

well i better go, we need to head to the grocery store. my mom cooked for us this weekend and we haven't eaten that well since probably christmas. maybe we'll pick up something besides frozen pizza and sandwich food today. psssh, doubtful! good night everyone.

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  1. Have I written yet to say how excited I am for you? Love that so many of us former Knotties have/are having babies! Good luck!!