Monday, August 29, 2011

holiday happiness

only about 7 weeks left until my due date and it can't come soon enough. i'm ready to be a mom and meet the little girl that is going to bring oodles of happiness to our lives. i love how little babies can really bring families closer together. i found out last week that my sister laura is probably coming to texas for christmas this year with andrew and ava (mostly because they are planning a vacation). my iowa parents were already discussing a trip to austin between christmas and new year's to celebrate leila's first christmas too. if laura comes down, then i think my parents will come for sure.

and honestly, this would be a dream come true. i haven't been able to spend christmas (even if it's 2 separate events) with each of my complete immediate families since my parents divorced when i was 3. this would mean that i could spend a day with my mom, stepdad, steph, jarrett, laura, and ashley along with their spouses and kids, then another day with my dad, stepmom, laura and her husband and baby girl. see what i mean? dream come true! the only thing better would be if i could stick my aunts, uncles, and grandparents from iowa in laura's pocket so they could be here too.

i love everyone in my family so much, and i'm thankful that our precious leila is bringing us all together for the holidays. my dad said he doesn't like to go a month without seeing his grandkids, so i foresee a lot more trips to austin from my parents and maybe an increase in trips to iowa each year. this makes me really happy, i want everyone in our families to be part of leila's life, regardless of the distance. well, almost everyone. there are a couple people we've decided leila doesn't need to know even exist.

that's all going on here. just getting excited for leila to arrive and even more excited for all the happiness she's bringing to our families with her arrival. i could go into labor tomorrow and wouldn't mind in the least. i want to be a mommy now!

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  1. My pockets would have to be pretty big to fit all those people! ;) Can't wait to see you in October AND in December!!! I'm really excited for our trips. October is booked, but December I'm waiting on because I need to ask my boss a question about my Saturday shift. :) We'll get it done this week though.

    Ps - I think you're behind on posting your belly pics on here! You're 34 weeks dude! You need to get 32 AND 34 up here.

    PPS - I can't wait to meet Leila!!!!! She's going to be so cute!! AND I have more clothes for you if you want them. I'm in the process of getting rid of anything below 9 months so I'll sort through and send some of my favorites (that are in good condition) and whatever you don't want you can give to Goodwill or someone else.

    PPPS - Can you email me all the things I said I'd give you again? I want to get it all in a box or something so that when the time comes I can ship it all out at once. Gracias. :)