Friday, August 19, 2011

running out of time

i just got home from a long day at work and am exhausted from overtime trying to crank out a deadline this week. i keep reminding myself that the overtime is worth it though. every hour of overtime is another hour i will get to spend with my baby girl this fall. i'm planning to take off 11-12 weeks of maternity leave, returning after the holidays. jake has decided to take 2 weeks off work. we have under 2 months to go and much to do in that time. the nursery is done except we need to buy the dresser and glider, which i keep putting off. i need to finish washing leila's clothes, towels, and blankets too. i'm around halfway done, but that child has so many things that every time i finish a load we get a package in the mail with a new bathrobe or something. our friends are so sweet. :-)

i'm on a reading mission now. i was pretty positive i was going to use the babywise methods to sleep train leila because it came so highly recommended. but as i read the book, i realized it wasn't for me. i'm going to hold onto it for the next few months (can't have it back yet megan s!) in case it turns out i'm capable of withstanding the cry it out method. but in the meantime, i'm reading no cry sleep solution and am going to try hard to finish happiest baby on the block and the baby whisperer before leila arrives too. i want to be informed on a few different methods and make a decision accordingly. i also have a book on breastfeeding to read.

so many decisions to make when you're pregnant and you think you have ages to figure it all out. then bam, you're 8 weeks away from your due date wondering where the time went. speaking of time, how is it almost 9pm? i need to go to bed, we are going to see my mom this weekend. i'm looking forward to walking the beach and hanging out at the pool. i've been wanting to go swimming all summer and completely forgot my grandma has a pool. too bad we have to drive 4 hours to enjoy it, but i'm all for something relaxing after this stressful week! good night.

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