Monday, September 26, 2011

interesting appointment

as of yesterday i'm officially full term. i had my 37 week appointment today and it was interesting.

first, i found out that i'm group b strep positive. apparently about 25% of pregnant women are and this bacteria can affect your baby's health during delivery. luckily, this is what antibiotics are for. the nurse said they typically give you penicillin through an iv, but i'm allergic to penicillin. so now they are doing another test to find out my sensitivity and determine which alternate antibiotic should be used.

leila's head is still down and seems to be pretty snug there. she is measuring small, but still in the normal range. i was only around 6 lbs 13 oz or something like that when i was born and was a week early, so she might just be a small baby like her mama was. or perhaps she's already inherited my metabolism? then again, she could've inherited the short gene from jake's family. or none of the above, haha.

i'm already 2cm dilated and was correct about losing my mucus plug about 2 weeks ago. i realize some people are 2cm for a couple of weeks, but i have a feeling i've been dilated at least a week or so already. i don't think i'm going to make it to my due date of october 16th. i think i will be about a week early. i don't think it's happening tomorrow or even this week, but i do think i'll be a bit early. most people don't have any progress at this stage, let alone lost their mucus plug and are 2cm dilated.

on a side note, i really like hearing other people's pregnancy stories, but get annoyed when they are a bit know it all about it. like i said, i'm fully aware that lots of people don't have their babies until a month later with these same situations, but there are just as many that go into labor soon after too. my sister lost her plug and went into labor 2 days later. everyone is different! i just wish people didn't presume to think everyone else's pregnancy is going to be the same as theirs. trust me, i won't be surprised if october 16th rolls along and leila isn't here! i just have a feeling that's not going to happen, that's all.

well i'm gonna make some dinner now, i'll keep you posted on any other progress going on here. :-)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

leila's nursery

i finally finished the nursery this weekend and am in love with it. here is a little tour of leila's room.

when you walk in the door, this is what is directly in front of you. right now there is fabric in the picture frames, but we'll fill them with photos once leila arrives.

to the right of the closet door is the changing station and crib. the name letters are huge but perfect above the crib. i wish the left wall could've turned out a little better, but it was hard to find vases at the right scale and the most important thing was having the video monitor camera aimed at the crib so we can check in on her when we're downstairs.

the opening on the left is the doorway into the nursery. the glider is nice and close since we'll need easy access during late night feedings and cry sessions! and yes abby- sock monkey made another appearance on the blog! ;-)

here's a close up of the wall decal above the dresser. auntie laura bought this for leila and it's adorable!

the girlie safari theme turned out pretty darn good if you ask me. this bedding was our inspiration for the whole room. jake even picked it out!

the only things left to do now are install the car seats and finish making the extra burp cloths. i am really hoping to have a post with a couple of the craft projects i've done before i go into labor. the burp cloths are the latest attempt at creativity. since i'm still 3 weeks from my due date i'm sure i'll have time to post something. tomorrow will be a better indication of that. i have my first internal so i will report back with the progress then. cheerio for now!

Monday, September 19, 2011

36 weeks

only a month left in this pregnancy, if that. my nerves are starting to set in knowing that this time next month jake and i will have a little girl. ah!!

how far along: 36 weeks

how big is baby: i've got a whopping 6 pound bun in my oven. she's around 18 1/2 inches long now too

weight gain / loss: i'm now at 174.2, an increase of 2.6 pounds from 2 weeks ago and exactly a 30 pound overall pregnancy gain.

symptoms: i posted a very lovely blog about the symptoms i've been having recently, but to recap- leila has dropped, i lost my mucus plug, and i've had some braxton-hicks contractions. i haven't had any contractions since wednesday or thursday though, so that's nice.

cravings / aversions: nothing really sounds good to me lately. i mean, i'll eat whatever is there and convenient, but i'm not particularly satiable.

movement: this weekend she was a busy bee! friday night i thought for sure she was trying to plow through my side. it didn't hurt, it was just funny to watch this little protrusion consistently banging around. then when i was studying for the cfm exam, she was moving a ton. she either loves or hates floodplain management i guess. :-)

gender: girl

belly button: outtie... last weekend i put a bandaid over it so it wouldn't look as conspicuous through my clothes. jake thought that was the funniest ever, i didn't get to live it down for a week.

sleep: if i sleep too long on one side i start to get cramping on the opposite side. i usually sleep on my left until i have to get up in the night for the bano, then come back and go to the opposite side.

what i'm looking forward to: holding my baby girl for the first time

what i miss: having tons of clothes to choose from. i'm down to about 5 blouses and 3 dresses that fit at this stage. it's such a bummer to not have options!

highlights this past week: we had our fifth and final baby shower on saturday, which was tons of fun! jake smoked a brisket and ribs, and all the neighbors brought a side. i'll post pictures of the cake and such too, it was great. i can't imagine living on a better street or having better neighbors. leila is going to love hanging out with all her aunties! oh oh, one of her gifts was a little monkey halloween costume, it's PRECIOUS. next month's block party will be a halloween party at traci's house. it should be leila's neighborhood debut, i can't wait to see her dressed up in that adorable costume.

Friday, September 16, 2011

baby progress

well i wasn't very far off base when i said i had a feeling leila was coming early. i had this feeling in my gut that SOMETHING was going to happen this week. and waddayaknow, a few things did!

first of all, leila dropped. and let me say how GLORIOUS it is to be free of the rib pain. i can breathe so much better than before. all of her movement is much lower now and there are times when i think she's going to plum drop out of me while i'm walking to the printer. well, you know what i mean. :-)

now for a disclaimer: this is about to get a bit gross. do not read on if you don't want to know about the other anatomical pregnancy shiz that people don't tell you about. i'm the first to say that i couldn't handle seeing the word "uterus" on my sister's blog during her pregnancy, let alone what i'm about to discuss. but this is my blog, and i like having a record of how my pregnancy has progressed. AND i've given you all a disclaimer so you can't blame me if you toss your wheaties over this.

ok. i lost my mucus plug. insert vomit sounds and shoulder cringes here. the first time i heard that term was in childbirth class a couple weeks ago and i wasn't a happy camper about it. i was like wtf, do i really need to know this!? it's GROSS. that term is GROSS. now i'm glad we had that conversation in childbirth class bc otherwise i wouldn't have known what was happening to me earlier this week and would've had to google descriptive phrases when i got home from work (there's no way i let THAT show up on my internet history at work.) so yeah, that happened. of course i had to take a poll of my siblings and closest friends to get a timeline in my head of when shiz is gonna get real. and of course i got varying responses. one person went into labor 2 days later, another one week later, and yet a third person two weeks later. i called my favoritest nurse at my ob-gyn's office and she said losing your mucus plus means your body is getting ready and you are likely a bit dilated, but labor is not necessarily imminent. much like my poll, she said it could be a couple days or a couple weeks.

now enter sigh of exasperation here. why can't these signs give me a more specific timeframe!?

i've also been having braxton-hicks contractions lately. so that makes me feel like it's coming soon too.

that said, my premonitions are gone now. i don't have any more gut feelings. i knew something was gonna happen this week, and it did! i'm going in for a 36 week appointment today and i'm hoping it'll help jake and i rest easy about next week. he doesn't want me to go to san antonio for fear that i'll go into labor then. but if i see my ob-gyn today and have zero progress, i'll feel loads better about going. if i'm something crazy like 4cm dilated (highly doubtful) then i'll know i should cancel my plans for next week. such a conundrum, i want to have progress because i'm anxious for leila to be here, but i don't want progress because i want to at least be full-term and want to take my certified floodplain manager exam next week!

the joys of pregnancy. :-)

Sunday, September 11, 2011


y'all. i'm 35 weeks pregnant today. can you believe that!? we are weeks, WEEKS away from having a baby. not months anymore, but weeks. i've started having this weird feeling that leila is going to come early, maybe even before october. it's like this voice inside of me is saying "you better get shiz done, because she's coming." at first i thought this was nesting, but i can't shake it. it's not an "oh, i should clean this and organize that" feeling, it's something in my gut. like i wouldn't be the least bit surprised if i had contractions tomorrow.

20 bucks says that because i've said that, leila takes her sweet time and is a week late.

well, not a full week late. i've talked to my doctor about inducing and she's not averse to it. obviously it will depend on my progress, but there's no way we wait any longer than about october 19th for her. my parents are arriving on the 20th and i want her to be here for their arrival. that probably sounds like a terrible reason to induce, but that's not really the reason, that's more of a benefit. it's dangerous for babies to come really late, the placenta gets old, they can have bowel movements in the uterus, bigger babies have a harder time in the pelvic bone, etc. there are also risks with babies coming early of course, but i don't have any intention of asking my doctor to induce 2 weeks early just because that'd be convenient. plus she'd probably decline at that point.

i'm supposed to go to san antonio sept 20-23, which is a few days before i'm full-term. my doctor is out of town that week so we didn't schedule my usual 36 week appointment on the 19th. i'm going to try to see if the other doctor in the practice will see me before i go to san antonio though. jake and i would feel a lot more comfortable with my staying 2 hours from home if i haven't had any progress. i know that can change at a moment's notice, but i don't see any harm in trying to be more prepared.

anyway, i better get going, the joys of laundry beckon. have a good week, everyone!

Monday, September 5, 2011

34 weeks

i love that you can get a feel for the nursery in this picture. we're only a few curtains and shelves away from it being complete, then i'll post plenty more.

how far along: 34 weeks

how big is baby: leila should be about 4.75 pounds, and apparently that's about the weight of a cantaloupe. she's about 18 inches long now too.

weight gain / loss: i'm up to 171.6, up 3.6 pounds up from 2 weeks ago and a 27.4 pound overall pregnancy increase.

symptoms: i've been enduring some serious pain where my rib cage meets my breasts for the past few months. by 2pm the pain is usually unbearable so i whip off my bra, put it in my purse, and wear a loose scarf around myself the rest of the work day. it's always cold in the office anyway, but it helps hide the fact that i've resorted to taking off my bra and doing random boob massages in the afternoon. sigh.

cravings / aversions: i've been craving well-balanced meals, if that makes any sense. i'm usually a simple toast or cereal eater, but all week i've been wanting something with eggs, bacon, and toast. then for lunch i don't want a sandwich, i want a salad, chicken, and fruit.

movement: she must be the calmest baby ever. i feel her moving several times a day, but it's always light and more like she's taking a second to get comfy than beating me up. i think i've gotten lucky so far in this pregnancy.

gender: girl

belly button: stupid outtie

sleep: all is well there

what i'm looking forward to: quite simply, leila's arrival. the anticipation is killing me.

what i miss: my own pajamas! i've started wearing some of jake's shirts and shorts to bed, haha.

highlights this past week: i bought some cuuuute outfits during the carter's labor day sale, including a little thanksgiving dress. i put the dresser together and have finally been able to take things out of bags and piles and sort them. less of a highlight- the task of washing clothes!