Monday, September 5, 2011

34 weeks

i love that you can get a feel for the nursery in this picture. we're only a few curtains and shelves away from it being complete, then i'll post plenty more.

how far along: 34 weeks

how big is baby: leila should be about 4.75 pounds, and apparently that's about the weight of a cantaloupe. she's about 18 inches long now too.

weight gain / loss: i'm up to 171.6, up 3.6 pounds up from 2 weeks ago and a 27.4 pound overall pregnancy increase.

symptoms: i've been enduring some serious pain where my rib cage meets my breasts for the past few months. by 2pm the pain is usually unbearable so i whip off my bra, put it in my purse, and wear a loose scarf around myself the rest of the work day. it's always cold in the office anyway, but it helps hide the fact that i've resorted to taking off my bra and doing random boob massages in the afternoon. sigh.

cravings / aversions: i've been craving well-balanced meals, if that makes any sense. i'm usually a simple toast or cereal eater, but all week i've been wanting something with eggs, bacon, and toast. then for lunch i don't want a sandwich, i want a salad, chicken, and fruit.

movement: she must be the calmest baby ever. i feel her moving several times a day, but it's always light and more like she's taking a second to get comfy than beating me up. i think i've gotten lucky so far in this pregnancy.

gender: girl

belly button: stupid outtie

sleep: all is well there

what i'm looking forward to: quite simply, leila's arrival. the anticipation is killing me.

what i miss: my own pajamas! i've started wearing some of jake's shirts and shorts to bed, haha.

highlights this past week: i bought some cuuuute outfits during the carter's labor day sale, including a little thanksgiving dress. i put the dresser together and have finally been able to take things out of bags and piles and sort them. less of a highlight- the task of washing clothes!

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  1. haha i like your "stupid outtie" comment, i had one too with both and i hated it, the nursery looks great! can't wait to see it all!