Monday, September 19, 2011

36 weeks

only a month left in this pregnancy, if that. my nerves are starting to set in knowing that this time next month jake and i will have a little girl. ah!!

how far along: 36 weeks

how big is baby: i've got a whopping 6 pound bun in my oven. she's around 18 1/2 inches long now too

weight gain / loss: i'm now at 174.2, an increase of 2.6 pounds from 2 weeks ago and exactly a 30 pound overall pregnancy gain.

symptoms: i posted a very lovely blog about the symptoms i've been having recently, but to recap- leila has dropped, i lost my mucus plug, and i've had some braxton-hicks contractions. i haven't had any contractions since wednesday or thursday though, so that's nice.

cravings / aversions: nothing really sounds good to me lately. i mean, i'll eat whatever is there and convenient, but i'm not particularly satiable.

movement: this weekend she was a busy bee! friday night i thought for sure she was trying to plow through my side. it didn't hurt, it was just funny to watch this little protrusion consistently banging around. then when i was studying for the cfm exam, she was moving a ton. she either loves or hates floodplain management i guess. :-)

gender: girl

belly button: outtie... last weekend i put a bandaid over it so it wouldn't look as conspicuous through my clothes. jake thought that was the funniest ever, i didn't get to live it down for a week.

sleep: if i sleep too long on one side i start to get cramping on the opposite side. i usually sleep on my left until i have to get up in the night for the bano, then come back and go to the opposite side.

what i'm looking forward to: holding my baby girl for the first time

what i miss: having tons of clothes to choose from. i'm down to about 5 blouses and 3 dresses that fit at this stage. it's such a bummer to not have options!

highlights this past week: we had our fifth and final baby shower on saturday, which was tons of fun! jake smoked a brisket and ribs, and all the neighbors brought a side. i'll post pictures of the cake and such too, it was great. i can't imagine living on a better street or having better neighbors. leila is going to love hanging out with all her aunties! oh oh, one of her gifts was a little monkey halloween costume, it's PRECIOUS. next month's block party will be a halloween party at traci's house. it should be leila's neighborhood debut, i can't wait to see her dressed up in that adorable costume.


  1. Five baby showers?! You and Leila are lucky (and loved!!) girls!

  2. So exciting! -Allena (For some reason I can no longer log in to post comments on anyone's blog - boo.)