Friday, September 16, 2011

baby progress

well i wasn't very far off base when i said i had a feeling leila was coming early. i had this feeling in my gut that SOMETHING was going to happen this week. and waddayaknow, a few things did!

first of all, leila dropped. and let me say how GLORIOUS it is to be free of the rib pain. i can breathe so much better than before. all of her movement is much lower now and there are times when i think she's going to plum drop out of me while i'm walking to the printer. well, you know what i mean. :-)

now for a disclaimer: this is about to get a bit gross. do not read on if you don't want to know about the other anatomical pregnancy shiz that people don't tell you about. i'm the first to say that i couldn't handle seeing the word "uterus" on my sister's blog during her pregnancy, let alone what i'm about to discuss. but this is my blog, and i like having a record of how my pregnancy has progressed. AND i've given you all a disclaimer so you can't blame me if you toss your wheaties over this.

ok. i lost my mucus plug. insert vomit sounds and shoulder cringes here. the first time i heard that term was in childbirth class a couple weeks ago and i wasn't a happy camper about it. i was like wtf, do i really need to know this!? it's GROSS. that term is GROSS. now i'm glad we had that conversation in childbirth class bc otherwise i wouldn't have known what was happening to me earlier this week and would've had to google descriptive phrases when i got home from work (there's no way i let THAT show up on my internet history at work.) so yeah, that happened. of course i had to take a poll of my siblings and closest friends to get a timeline in my head of when shiz is gonna get real. and of course i got varying responses. one person went into labor 2 days later, another one week later, and yet a third person two weeks later. i called my favoritest nurse at my ob-gyn's office and she said losing your mucus plus means your body is getting ready and you are likely a bit dilated, but labor is not necessarily imminent. much like my poll, she said it could be a couple days or a couple weeks.

now enter sigh of exasperation here. why can't these signs give me a more specific timeframe!?

i've also been having braxton-hicks contractions lately. so that makes me feel like it's coming soon too.

that said, my premonitions are gone now. i don't have any more gut feelings. i knew something was gonna happen this week, and it did! i'm going in for a 36 week appointment today and i'm hoping it'll help jake and i rest easy about next week. he doesn't want me to go to san antonio for fear that i'll go into labor then. but if i see my ob-gyn today and have zero progress, i'll feel loads better about going. if i'm something crazy like 4cm dilated (highly doubtful) then i'll know i should cancel my plans for next week. such a conundrum, i want to have progress because i'm anxious for leila to be here, but i don't want progress because i want to at least be full-term and want to take my certified floodplain manager exam next week!

the joys of pregnancy. :-)


  1. You're getting so close!! Very exciting!

  2. i never had to deal with that issue. but i will tell you that the inner pressure the last month had me in tears by the end of the night. i just wanted it out i did not care how. sounds like a lot of women had the same experience. good luck hope Liela treats you well :D - jackie thomas

  3. YAY!!!! How exciting, Jill! Can you believe that you are at most weeks away from meeting your sweet baby girl? Your recent picture is beaaaautiful, btw. And thanks for not explaining what a mucus plug is. I'll leave that for when Corey and I pop out a baby :-)

  4. Awwww. Leila's coming sooner rather than later. :) FYI with Hadley I lost my plug and was in labor less than 24 hours later. Ella? Never lost the plug. Layton? Never lost the plug. BUT, I agree it was super gross, and I was glad someone gave me a heads up about it. I totally would have puked if I saw that in my undies and hadn't read about it or heard about it beforehand. :)

  5. You have introduced me to a new term and I swear I thought I'd heard it all. WTF is a mucus plug? Now I HAVE to go Google it. Waaaaaait for it.

    Hey, that's not really that gross. That's just human.