Sunday, September 11, 2011


y'all. i'm 35 weeks pregnant today. can you believe that!? we are weeks, WEEKS away from having a baby. not months anymore, but weeks. i've started having this weird feeling that leila is going to come early, maybe even before october. it's like this voice inside of me is saying "you better get shiz done, because she's coming." at first i thought this was nesting, but i can't shake it. it's not an "oh, i should clean this and organize that" feeling, it's something in my gut. like i wouldn't be the least bit surprised if i had contractions tomorrow.

20 bucks says that because i've said that, leila takes her sweet time and is a week late.

well, not a full week late. i've talked to my doctor about inducing and she's not averse to it. obviously it will depend on my progress, but there's no way we wait any longer than about october 19th for her. my parents are arriving on the 20th and i want her to be here for their arrival. that probably sounds like a terrible reason to induce, but that's not really the reason, that's more of a benefit. it's dangerous for babies to come really late, the placenta gets old, they can have bowel movements in the uterus, bigger babies have a harder time in the pelvic bone, etc. there are also risks with babies coming early of course, but i don't have any intention of asking my doctor to induce 2 weeks early just because that'd be convenient. plus she'd probably decline at that point.

i'm supposed to go to san antonio sept 20-23, which is a few days before i'm full-term. my doctor is out of town that week so we didn't schedule my usual 36 week appointment on the 19th. i'm going to try to see if the other doctor in the practice will see me before i go to san antonio though. jake and i would feel a lot more comfortable with my staying 2 hours from home if i haven't had any progress. i know that can change at a moment's notice, but i don't see any harm in trying to be more prepared.

anyway, i better get going, the joys of laundry beckon. have a good week, everyone!

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  1. So crazy that you're 35 weeks! I remember being 35 weeks and talking to you about pregnancy and all the excitement and now it's your turn! I never imagined you would be due in October just one year later with a little girl as well. I can't wait for our little nuggies to be bffs/pen pals. :) Love you all!!! Can't wait to see you in just over a month!