Friday, October 21, 2011

i'm a mommy

hello hello everyone! our little girl is a whole week old now and it has been a week of nonstop bliss. we love our daughter so much, it's hard to put into words. i'm planning to post her birth story soon, but give me some time to get it all typed up. i've started and stopped this post alone about 6 times. it seems like every time i start i remember something else i'd rather be doing like, umm, hang out with my baby! lol. right now she is in the swing taking a little nap because i'm trying to adjust her to sleeping other places besides mine and jake's chests. she sleeps like a pro, but really doesn't like being on her back, so we're using naptime to try to acclimate her to it.

anyway, we had lots of guests at the hospital, it was wonderful that both mimi (jake's mom) and nana (my mom) along with aunties steph and ashley could meet leila within literally 30 minutes of her birth. i was a little overwhelmed at the hospital, between adjusting to our new life, nurses coming in and out, visitors coming to see leila, and needing to get my body recovered. we were relieved to come home on sunday, where we weren't restricted to one room and hospital food, haha.

we love being home with our little monkey, she is so much fun! jake is the greatest father, just as i imagined he would be. he fights over the opportunity to hold her so basically if i'm not nursing he steals her. :-) we have a little sleep regime set up that's working out great. i give her a full feeding around 8pm and jake watches her from 9pm to midnight so i can get 3 hours of sleep. then i take over with her from 12am - 7am. i wake her up around 3am to eat, otherwise she keeps sleeping. then she's back to sleep by 4am and sleeps until i wake her up at 7am. so there's another 6 hours. then depending on if we have a doctor appointment or something else going on that morning, jake will take her another 2 hours while i sleep or we all get up for the day. i think we can still make this work when jake goes back to work on monday, but we might have to change her to an 8pm instead of 9pm bedtime. i know every couple is different, but since i'm breastfeeding exclusively, i don't see any point in jake getting up with me in the middle of the night. i mean what can he do, watch me have a baby latched to my boob? wake up to change a diaper? i'm already awake feeding her, so i don't think it's necessary to wake him up to change that. of course the one night she was really fussy and i couldn't console her, jake gladly got up to help. hopefully that isn't the case too often...

now my parents, sister, and niece are here from iowa. jake is outside grilling burgers and leila is laying with grandpa on the couch. my texas mom will be here again on sunday to see laura and ava and stay a couple more days, then i'll be on my own. ah! i'm hoping to get a routine going once everyone clears out. it's kind of hard when we're all bustling about. i'm also hoping that we'll have found a successful way to get her sleeping on her back. will it be the miracle blanket that gets her on her back? the swing? the miracle blanket in the swing? who knows, but i hope something works soon because all the SIDS stuff petrifies me and i don't think chest sleeping is in her best interest.

i better go hang out with my family, hope everyone else has this much happiness in their life too. :-)

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  1. Sounds like a really awesome week, Jill!!!! I'm so happy for you and Jake!