Saturday, October 1, 2011

wake up call

disclaimer: this gets anatomical around paragraph 3. you have been warned! :-)

this week has been nothing short of a wake up call. at my appointment on monday my blood pressure was high, but when the nurse came back 20 minutes later it was back to normal. all day wednesday and thursday i had a bad headache and nausea, but i just assumed it was what people meant by "the last few weeks of pregnancy suck." of course my dear friends in the medical field and sister were freaking out because those are actually signs of pre-eclampsia. i had no friggin clue! at their adamant request i went to the pharmacy across from my office and took my blood pressure there- 142/79. apparently this is high. sooo i called my doctor and they asked more about my symptoms then told me to take a higher dose of tylenol and see how i felt from that. they also asked that i take my blood pressure again a few hours later. the tylenol worked its headache / nausea magic, my blood pressure was back down to something like 122/83, and i felt better. my doctor said i needed to rest a lot more, so jake banished me to the couch, propped up some large pillows, cooked dinner, and took care of me. such a good husband!

then yesterday i felt decent all day, but still not fantastic. i didn't overexert myself at work but was on a mission to get to a decent stopping point on my big project should i go into labor this weekend. i hung out with hailey and cole after work, then per my doctor's orders- lounged on the couch watching a movie for a couple hours. and at 1030pm, i noticed i was bleeding.

i'm clearly not well-read on medical things, but what i DO know is that blood is something to be concerned about. i spoke with the after hours nurse line and coincidentally my doctor was the one on call at the hospital, so the nurse conferred with her. they concluded that i did not need to come in and explained that the bleeding i was experiencing was as a result of blood vessels rupturing. apparently this means i'm dilating more rapidly and my cervix is thinning out.

what does this mean to me? shit just got real.

from what they explained and i've researched, it's one thing to lose your mucus plug like i did about 2.5 weeks ago. it's something different to have a "bloody show". some people use the terms interchangeably, but they're not really the same. also from what i've read, labor is imminent. we're talking days now, not 2 weeks. i find this hard to believe because i still haven't felt a single contraction! but if you are dilating, it means you're having contractions and it's possible you simply aren't feeling them. if you are bleeding, you are also having contractions and still not feeling them. i was already 2cm dilated on monday, i swear i'm going to finally go in with contractions and already be at 5cm! haha.

anyway, jake and i were pretty overwhelmed by all of this last night and realized this was a huge wake up call. we've spent months preparing ourselves for the time when i go into labor and our baby girl arrives, but now i don't think you can quite be mentally prepared enough until that time actually comes. we thought last night may have been that time and our minds were frantic! now we shall sit and wait for leila to arrive. i'm going to do a bit of cleaning today, but mostly hang out on the couch. i still want my little pumpkin to stay put a bit longer so that she's really ready and healthy, and if that means being a bum, then so be it. :-)


  1. How exciting! I'm not a parent yet but I can imagine it must be so surreal to know your daughter will be there soon! Can't wait to see pics of her.

  2. I hope you have a really relaxing weekend with your feet up. Keep cooking, Leila!!

  3. "labor is imminent" - love it :-) Y'all are going to be such fantastic parents when this little girl decides to arrive!

  4. WOOHOO! I CAN'T WAIT TO FIND OUT!!!!! Your sister might need to text me or something as I am waiting on pins and needles ... haha!