Friday, December 27, 2013

best birthday present ever

good news around these parts. i'm pregnant again!

i decided to take a pregnancy test the morning of my birthday, december 19 (10dpo). i saw the faintest line in the history of faint lines, and decided not to take it too seriously. perhaps it was an evaporation line or something. i tested again the next day and saw another super faint line. finally on saturday (12dpo), i was positive that the result on the test was positive. kudos to the dollar tree tests for being able to pick up such low levels of hcg on my birthday, thus providing me with the best birthday gift of all - another baby!

i can already tell that this pregnancy is going to be different than any other. jake and i are being a lot more cautious this time around. after having a miscarriage two months ago, i can't fathom the thought of making one detrimental mistake. there are times when i've thought "what if it was the decaf herbal tea i drank everyday for three weeks, before i knew that herbal tea was bad during pregnancy?" or you know, insert other ridiculously paranoid miscarriage assumption here.

we decided to get a head start on focusing on my health and ability to sustain a pregnancy this time around. there's a solid chance i miscarried due to insufficient progesterone levels because i have a luteal phase deficiency. the best way around that is clomid, like we used to conceive leila. we were very excited to get pregnant with this first round of clomid.

i also had a pre-conception consult with a perinatologist. we discussed my medical conditions and the risks associated with getting pregnant again. she was confident that the miscarriage was not due to my thrombocytopenia or thyroid issues, and was also confident that my next pregnancy could be successful if we continue to monitor both disorders. there are a couple of risks with thrombocytopenia, but they are later in the pregnancy.

so here i am, 5 weeks pregnant. my first appointment is january 7th and i believe my due date is august 30th. hopefully i'll find out at the first appointment if i'll get any extra monitoring and ultrasounds due to my miscarriage paranoia. ha! i'll probably make this blog public again after the first trimester. jake doesn't want us to tell anyone about the pregnancy, so i will at least keep it a secret until about 13 weeks. ok fine, i've told two people, but jake knew i could never hold back from telling megan and laura, lol.

that's all for now!

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