Friday, January 24, 2014

subchorionic hematoma

what a week it has been!
so the day of my last post, i had tried out the doppler to detect baby's heartbeat. it was still too early, but for some reason i had this nagging feeling that something was up. i felt a little cramping over the weekend, but mostly just had a strange feeling that something was wrong with my pregnancy and i needed to see the doctor. i spent the weekend mulling over if i should make an appt on monday morning, and finally decided i needed to for the sake of my sanity.

they scheduled me to come in for an ultrasound 2 hours after my call (so grateful!). i sat in the waiting room basically hyperventilating. i used to look forward to ultrasounds, but after the ultrasound where they told me the last baby had died, i just don't like them. i dread them.

the first thing the ultrasound tech said was that there was a baby and a heartbeat- woo hoo! i actually started crying because i was so happy. she said that the baby was measuring 8 weeks 1 day, which was right on target since i was 8 weeks 2 days. she was a real pro; she didn't give any hint that anything else was amiss during the sono. i went back to work, happy as a clam about the appointment.

a couple of hours later, i got a call from my nurse practitioner (i love her, even more that my actual ob/gyn lol). angela said that the tech had discovered a subchorionic hematoma. i had no idea what that meant, but she went on to explain that they're pretty common and happen in about 20% of pregnancies. usually the blood clot absorbs back into the body, but sometimes the blood clot will pass. she said i may start bleeding and that the hematoma would likely be the cause. she said they are not generally dangerous, unless you don't abide by physical limitations. she said to come back in 4 weeks for another ultrasound to check on the progress, and in the meantime i would be on 4 weeks of limited activity.

y'all, i feel like i am on "bed rest light". i can't exercise, lift more than 10 lbs (including my kid!), stand for more than 30 minutes, or have sex. the timing is cumbersome considering i have a 2 year old and 2 big presentations to give during this 4 week timeframe. i feel absolutely useless, but it's also been nice because jake has been picking leila up from school everyday, cooking dinner, washing dishes, etc. at least i'm getting pampered with this bad news, right?

i've been telling people that i have these limitations due to a blood clot, which is technically true. i'm not ready to tell many people that it's because i'm pregnant. in fact, i would probably announce a pregnancy at 11-12 weeks, but now i'm going to wait until my appt at 12.5 weeks to make sure the subchorionic hematoma has absorbed. if it hasn't, i still won't feel comfortable telling people i'm pregnant. i will probably look 5 months pregnant before i spill the beans. as this bump grows, it's becoming more difficult not to tell people that i'm pregnant as opposed to getting fat. but i don't want to tell people until i feel safe with this pregnancy. hopefully that will be in 3 weeks at the first trimester screening.

that's it for now! just wanted to recap the big event this week.

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