Friday, February 28, 2014

fun consignment purchases

a few days ago i saw an ad on facebook for a big consignment event call rhea lana's going on two exits down from our house. i had heard of consignment stores, but not events, so i went to the website and facebook page. after looking through some photos and deciding this event might not, in fact, just be a giant germ-infested garage sale, i resolved to go and see if i could save some money on items for the new baby.

it was a success! and not only was it a success, i have been telling every parent i know in dfw to get their butts down to the event.

they had a pre-sale last night for mamas-to-be and we made out like bandits. leila was devastated that she couldn't play with all of the toys, though. we walked in and she screamed "TOYS!" thankfully, jake kept her under control while i looked for some specific items. i started a list of big items we need for baby a few weeks ago, and those items are:

  • stroller / carseat travel system
  • extra carseat
  • pack n play
  • swing
  • angelcare monitor
  • playmat
  • exersaucer
  • video monitor
  • breast pump
  • rock n play
  • bumbo seat

we've graciously been gifted the exersaucer, bumbo, and breast pump already and knew we wanted to buy the video monitor new. that only left a mission for 7 items. we left rhea lana's with 2 of them!

we got a brand new snugapuppy swing, which is the exact one we planned to buy ourselves.

we also got a stroller / carseat travel system. there was an adorable graco set with little owls, squirrels, and deer on it. it's gender-neutral with muted colors so it will be cute for a boy or a girl. we had a chicco system with leila, but while i was in line to buy things, i read reviews on this system and they were all very complimentary.

i didn't get a good look at their monitors, playmats, or rock n plays, so i'm considering going back tomorrow to see if i can find more great deals for stuff in new or pristine condition.

there is another rhea lana event going on near my office at the end of march, so i'm hoping to hit up that sale depending on what we still need.

alright, well i need to work the rest of my lunch break! my parents are flying down from iowa today so i need to leave early to finish getting the house prepared for their arrival. i haven't seen my parents since october so i am really excited for them to see the little bump i'm now sporting. have a good weekend!

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