Saturday, February 1, 2014

baby alex: 10 weeks

i am getting sooo close to being out of the first trimester. the anticipation is killing me.

how far along: 10 weeks

how big is baby: the size of a kumquat (a little over an inch)

weight gain / loss: i weighed in at 145.2 this week. i have gained almost 3 pounds so far.

symptoms: the nausea is finally gone, woo hoo. now i've started having the stretching cramps.

cravings / aversions: yogurt, applesauce, and special k cereal seriously make up 90% of my diet right now. i cannot get enough of those three things. no aversions to report.

movement: i can't feel any movement, but i have used my personal doppler and can tell when the baby is moving around by the way the heartbeat location moves. it's awesome.

gender: in my dream world, i'm able to get in to find out the gender the last week of march (18 weeks). but i bet they won't schedule me until closer to 20.

belly button: no change. i did try to explain to leila that i have a baby in my belly, but all she got out of that was that they are no longer called "belly buttons", they are called "baby buttons." fail.

sleep: the insomnia got better until i found out about the subchorionic hematoma. now i have trouble sleeping again. :-(

what i'm looking forward to: 2 more weeks until i'll feel brave enough to start telling people about the pregnancy.

what i miss: a good night's sleep

highlights this past week: i found the baby's heartbeat at 9 weeks with my doppler. i'll admit i've been using it every other day just to make sure there is still a heartbeat there. it is consistently 165-168 bpm, which is strong. those heartbeat sessions make my day every other day. jake even came in and listened a few times and was really excited too. :-)

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