Friday, March 28, 2014

baby alex: 18 week ultrasound (anatomy scan)

another awesome ultrasound with my perinatologist. thanks to my thrombocytopenia, i have to start seeing her every month now. it's bad because it means we've already reached the point where we have to watch my platelets more often, but it's great because it means i get to see the baby once a month! so hopefully they'll do print outs every time and i can post lots of pictures here.

date of ultrasound: march 27, 2014

gestational age: 17 weeks, 5 days

crown to rump measurement: apparently they don't do this at this stage, so she said baby is 7 ounces

gestational age based on measurement: 17 weeks, 3 days. again, on track with previous measurements showing me a day or two behind.

due date: august 30th

heart rate: 152 bpm

gender: it's a boy!! no doubt about it. :-)

movement: lots of movement, but when i'd tell baby to move this way or that for the tech to get a better view, he actually obliged! will this child listen to its mother? haha

highlight of the ultrasound: finding out we're having a boy! and one that looks healthy at that.

some photos from the visit

Thursday, March 27, 2014

gender reveal #3: baby names

we decided on the baby's name a few weeks ago, although the funny thing is that it feels more like it was three years ago. you'll see why in a minute.

for a little girl...


*okay, jake informed me last night that although iiii have decided on this name, he has not. i still think it's safe to say this will be the baby's name if it's a girl. so whatever, husband! ;-)

first name reasoning: about two years ago we were driving around town and jake said "what do you think of leila and lily?" we weren't really planning to have another kid yet (or at all) but it always stuck in our minds as a cute combination if we ever had two little girls. two years later, it's our frontrunner. on top of that, my great-grandmother's name is lillian so lily would be named after her.

middle name reasoning: gwen was a last minute selection and a winner from the moment it was suggested (says me, allegedly, lol). jake had liked the name gwen when i was pregnant with leila. i like gwen because my grandma's middle name is gwendolyn and shortening to gwen is a tribute to her. i think maybe i have an aunt whose middle name is gwen too?

runner up #1: lily marie/charlotte
runner up #2: zoe ann
runner up #3: claire marie

why the runner up's were nixed: we both liked zoe, but not as much as lily. claire was more of my runner up than jake's; he is averse to it for some reason. i had two solid middle names in mind for a girl from the start- charlotte or marie. charlotte is my grandmother's name (charlotte gwendolyn, in fact). marie is my mom's middle name and my former middle name. my stepmom's name is mary ann, so i felt like marie covered both of my madres and myself. but alas, not our favorite middle name once gwen arrived on scene.

for a baby boy...


first name reasoning: does that look familiar? that was our boy name from when i was pregnant with leila! we discussed other names, but kept ending up back at alexander. :-)

middle name reasoning: jacob is my husband's middle name. although we aren't particularly fond of its roots, we love the idea of our son having the same middle name as his father.

runner up #1: owen jacob
runner up #2: hayden jacob
runner up #3: aiden alexander

why the runner up's were nixed: owen was my runner up, whereas hayden/aiden were jake's. jake couldn't fully get on board with owen, and i thought aiden was too trendy. jake really likes hayden but after i gave him statistics on hayden being more common for females than males these days, he finally gave up.

i can't wait to find out if we will have a little "leila and alex" or "leila and lily" combo! only a few more hours!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

gender reveal #2: old wives' tales

tomorrow is the big day! we'll debut baby's name options before we find out what we're having tomorrow afternoon. for today, old wive's tales. :-)

Old Wives' Tales:

1. Is your hair shiny and full of body or thin and stringy?

Shiny and full of body. - BOY

2. Is your hair growing faster or the same?

Much faster. I keep having to get a hair cut every few weeks. - BOY

3. Any morning sickness?

No throwing up, but a lot of nausea. - GIRL

4. Are you craving sweet or salty?

Salty for sure! Bring on the pickles, chips, Mexican food, and Thai food! - BOY

5. Is your butt getting bigger?

Nope. - BOY

6. Hold a necklace over your belly. If it swings back and forth its a boy. If it swings in a circular motion its a girl.

Circular motion. - GIRL

7. What did your mother have? Take a look at the position you are in terms of her children, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. If you are the first born you will have what your mother had starting with the 2nd then 3rd, 4th, etc. If you are a middle child you will have them backwards. If you are the last child you will have exactly what your mother had.

My mom had Stephen (boy), then Stephanie (girl), then Jarrett (boy), then me (girl), then Laura (girl). Since that puts me in the middle, I'll have them backwards. Since this is my second child... - GIRL

8. My mom says she can tell what someone is having based on the clothes they wear once they find out they are pregnant. She says if you wear more girly colors like pinks, oranges, and yellows you're having a girl. If you wear more blues, greens, and neutrals you're having a boy.

I've been buying mostly purple, blue, and black this pregnancy. - BOY

9. Pick up a key. If you pick it up by the thinner end you're having a girl. If you pick it up by the bigger end you're having a boy.

Bigger end. - BOY

10. Are your feet colder than before or the same?

The same. - GIRL

11. Do you eat the heel of a loaf of bread?

Nope. - GIRL

12. Has your breast development been dramatic in pregnancy?

Yes, they are quite lovely, haha. - GIRL

13. Is the baby's heart rate above 140bpm or below?

I've never seen it below 140bpm, and I check at least once a week. - GIRL

14. Do you crave orange juice?

Yes! I've been buying tons of OJ lately. - GIRL

15. Are you carrying high or low?

High. - GIRL

16. Is your tummy shaped more like a watermelon or a beach ball?

Beach ball this time. - GIRL

17. Is your baby active?

Only when I eat certain types of food, but I guess you could say yes. - BOY

18. Is dad gaining weight with you?

No. - BOY

19. Are you gaining weight in your face?

Not really. - BOY

20. Any acne?

It goes back and forth, but mostly no. - BOY

21. Are you feeling graceful or clumsy?

Graceful, except when I knocked our dog off the bed with my belly last night. Whoops! - GIRL

22. Was the month of conception even or odd?

December, so even. - GIRL

23. Mayan Tale - add mother's age at conception and year of conception. Even = girl. Odd = boy.

27 + 2013 = 2040, so even. - GIRL

24. When asked to show your hands do you keep your palms down or palms up?

Palms up - GIRL

25. What do you think you're having based on intuition? It is said that moms to be correctly guessed the sex of their baby 71% of the time.

I think it's a boy, but I also thought that last time and was wrong. At first I thought girl because I had recurring dreams having have girl twins. But then I just couldn't focus on coming up with a girl name because in my mind, this kid needed a boy name. So I guess it's recently been boy. - BOY

So...based on all of this let's see the verdict...

GIRL - 14/25
BOY - 11/25

According to Old Wives' Tales, we are having a GIRL! Last time I was 13/25 for girl and 12/25 for boy and it ended up being a girl.

We'll know tomorrow if the old wives' tales were true once again!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

gender reveal #1: the nursery

i'm going to do a few "gender reveals" this week in celebration of finding out the baby's gender this thursday! today is nursery ideas, then later i'll do old wives' tales and the names we've finally decided on.

anyway, a couple weeks ago i felt like we were so behind on planning for baby #2. then we managed to pick out names, nursery themes, and paint colors last week and i feel much better.

girl stuff just gets cuter every year. leila had a safari theme followed by a lot of owl and ladybug stuff as she got older. if we have a girl, we want her to have something different. we've decided on a bird theme and this is our current frontrunner.

{ photo from }

i like the quilted look to the bedding, plus the striped crib skirt. i'm sure we can find cute bird wall art to match these patterns.

much like leila's nursery, we are going to do a chair rail again. we are going to do the same for leila's new room. we'll keep beige above the chair rail, then paint below it. leila has requested purple for her room and picked out dark pink for a potential little sister. the overall nursery color scheme will be similar to leila's old set, but with more blue this time.

{ swatches from }

bedding was an easy choice for a sweet little son. the moment jake suggested a navy paint color, all i could envision was a nautical theme. jake agreed. we haven't decided on an exact set, but it'll probably be something like this.

{ photo from}

the little anchors and sailboats remind me of the time my parents took us out on a sailboat at my grandparents' cabin in wisconsin and all the summers we spent on the texas beaches growing up. we also like how simple this set is.

again we'll go with the chair rail, but this time with navy on the bottom. leila has quite a bit of green stuff, so it'd actually be nice to find a nautical set that incorporates a bit of light green. we shall see if we can find the perfect set so we can use some of her stuff again.

{ swatches from } 

i hope these ideas end up as cute as they seem in our heads.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

baby alex: 16 weeks

time is flying, so let's get on with the post.

how far along: 16 weeks

how big is baby: the size of an avocado (about 4.5 inches long)

weight gain / loss: i weighed myself a day late at 147.4. baby got an inch bigger and i gained 0.6 pounds since last week. i've now gained exactly 5 pounds with this pregnancy. the next weight milestone will be "buck-fifty" as jake calls it.

symptoms: insomnia and occasional stretching pains come and go, otherwise just feeling superb.

cravings / aversions: mexican and thai! i managed to coerce a half dozen people into eating either mexican or thai in the past two weeks. then yesterday jake even bought me chips and queso for breakfast. i'm addicted.

movement: i felt baby for the first time on friday! i drank orange juice with dinner, so i think that contributed. the craziest thing was that we were discussing baby middle names at the time. i suggested a new girl combination and that was the moment i felt baby for the first time. i'm pretty sure we will go with that name if we have a girl, because it means even more than she has an opinion!

gender: our anatomy scan was rescheduled for march 27th so less than two weeks away. although we trusted the tech about the boy prediction at first, i'm no longer convinced. all babies have something between their legs at that stage. jake thinks it's another girl and he was right last time, so we'll see soon enough.

belly button: pretty sure i'll have another outie this pregnancy. i can already see my belly button make progress in that direction.

sleep: sleeping pretty well, except for leila's occasional escape from her new big girl bed.

what i'm looking forward to: the anatomy scan. hopefully my half cup of caffeinated coffee and use of salicylic acid haven't caused any problems...

what i miss: this is pathetic, but strength. i really need to start working out because i feel physically weak a lot. i just hate working out and that month of modified bed rest made me even weaker.

highlights this past week: we settled on names and nursery themes. can't wait to debut them on here in the coming weeks.

Monday, March 10, 2014

boy or girl?

a conflict came up with my anatomy scan on the 31st, so i called the perinatologist and they were able to move the appointment up to march 27th. that four day change actually helps a lot! for one, there is another rhea lana consignment event (slightly addicted...) that exact day with the mom pre-sale at 6pm. now we can go to the event and consider gender-specific items instead of being limited by neutral items.

my firm has its annual dinner on saturday the 29th and it'll be nice to have answers for the obligatory pregnancy questions. "do you know what you're having?" "do you have a name picked out?" i find these questions far more appealing than "do you want a boy or a girl?"

we've had that question a lot and as cliche as it sounds, we keep saying, "we will be happy either way." but it's so true in this case. there are pros and cons to having a boy vs. a girl and they are even for us.

on one hand, i would love to have another little girl so that leila and the baby can have the type of relationship i had with my sisters. i'd also enjoy saving money by using a lot of the same clothes and such we used for leila. i think raising girls comes more naturally to me because i've been surrounded by mostly girls in my family.

then again, it'd be great to have a boy to have one of each. there is a lot of contrast between boys and girls and it'd be really neat to see that and adjust our parenting accordingly. on my side of the family, there are six granddaughters and zero grandsons. it'd be nice to finally have a boy around. plus i really want a little mama's boy that i can dance with on his wedding day.

as far as names go, we are undecided. i feel like we had our act together so far in advance with leila! very distinct boy and girl name choices. this time around we are about 90% agreed on a girl first name, 0% agreed on a girl middle name, 0% agreed on a boy first name, and 80% agreed on a boy middle name. i didn't think it'd be this tough, but we each have specific opinions. i'm wondering if we'll even have it figured out before the anatomy scan. if so, i'll probably do what i did last time and have a few "gender reveal" posts with probable names, nursery designs, etc. again, we have done zippo when it comes to nursery ideas. maybe those fun little posts will push us to actually make some baby decisions.

time to go! have a great day.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

baby alex: 14 weeks

well, life is much more exciting at 14 weeks than it's been the past few months. mostly because i finally feel better both physically and mentally. :-)

how far along: 14 weeks

how big is baby: the size of a lemon (about 3.5 inches long)

weight gain / loss: i now weigh 146.8 lbs. i didn't gain any weight in the past two weeks, probably since i'm no longer compelled to eat every 30 minutes. my pre-pregnancy weight was 142.4 so i haven't quite gained five pounds yet.

symptoms: i'm actually starting to feel less pregnant. as much as i hated the nausea, i liked having it so that i knew my progesterone was going nuts and i could equate that to being pregnant. so no nausea, no cramping, no nothin'.

cravings / aversions: last week i worked in the dallas office and when i asked if anyone had any snacks, i got apples, bananas, and trail mix. it was not what i wanted. all i want is potato chips and pickles!

movement: still no movement that i can feel. the babycenter app (yes, i'm that pregnant person) says the baby can now grasp and even suck his thumb. sometimes i find baby's heartbeat on my left side, sometimes on my right, so i know he's active

gender: the tech guessed boy 2 weeks ago. we find out for sure on march 31st. can't wait.

belly button: no change

sleep: sleeping great which is a huge relief from the first trimester insomnia.

what i'm looking forward to: more baby shopping! with leila we aimed for neutral big pieces, so we'll do that again to tide over my shopping addition for a bit

what i miss: all of my cute work clothes. my beautiful cardigans suddenly look like crop tops with my bump. i've been wearing all of my favorites one last time before putting them in the back of the closet. i'm slowly accumulating good maternity clothes though.

highlights this past week: announcing the pregnancy to the world with this little gem of corniness