Friday, March 28, 2014

baby alex: 18 week ultrasound (anatomy scan)

another awesome ultrasound with my perinatologist. thanks to my thrombocytopenia, i have to start seeing her every month now. it's bad because it means we've already reached the point where we have to watch my platelets more often, but it's great because it means i get to see the baby once a month! so hopefully they'll do print outs every time and i can post lots of pictures here.

date of ultrasound: march 27, 2014

gestational age: 17 weeks, 5 days

crown to rump measurement: apparently they don't do this at this stage, so she said baby is 7 ounces

gestational age based on measurement: 17 weeks, 3 days. again, on track with previous measurements showing me a day or two behind.

due date: august 30th

heart rate: 152 bpm

gender: it's a boy!! no doubt about it. :-)

movement: lots of movement, but when i'd tell baby to move this way or that for the tech to get a better view, he actually obliged! will this child listen to its mother? haha

highlight of the ultrasound: finding out we're having a boy! and one that looks healthy at that.

some photos from the visit

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