Monday, March 10, 2014

boy or girl?

a conflict came up with my anatomy scan on the 31st, so i called the perinatologist and they were able to move the appointment up to march 27th. that four day change actually helps a lot! for one, there is another rhea lana consignment event (slightly addicted...) that exact day with the mom pre-sale at 6pm. now we can go to the event and consider gender-specific items instead of being limited by neutral items.

my firm has its annual dinner on saturday the 29th and it'll be nice to have answers for the obligatory pregnancy questions. "do you know what you're having?" "do you have a name picked out?" i find these questions far more appealing than "do you want a boy or a girl?"

we've had that question a lot and as cliche as it sounds, we keep saying, "we will be happy either way." but it's so true in this case. there are pros and cons to having a boy vs. a girl and they are even for us.

on one hand, i would love to have another little girl so that leila and the baby can have the type of relationship i had with my sisters. i'd also enjoy saving money by using a lot of the same clothes and such we used for leila. i think raising girls comes more naturally to me because i've been surrounded by mostly girls in my family.

then again, it'd be great to have a boy to have one of each. there is a lot of contrast between boys and girls and it'd be really neat to see that and adjust our parenting accordingly. on my side of the family, there are six granddaughters and zero grandsons. it'd be nice to finally have a boy around. plus i really want a little mama's boy that i can dance with on his wedding day.

as far as names go, we are undecided. i feel like we had our act together so far in advance with leila! very distinct boy and girl name choices. this time around we are about 90% agreed on a girl first name, 0% agreed on a girl middle name, 0% agreed on a boy first name, and 80% agreed on a boy middle name. i didn't think it'd be this tough, but we each have specific opinions. i'm wondering if we'll even have it figured out before the anatomy scan. if so, i'll probably do what i did last time and have a few "gender reveal" posts with probable names, nursery designs, etc. again, we have done zippo when it comes to nursery ideas. maybe those fun little posts will push us to actually make some baby decisions.

time to go! have a great day.

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