Sunday, March 23, 2014

gender reveal #1: the nursery

i'm going to do a few "gender reveals" this week in celebration of finding out the baby's gender this thursday! today is nursery ideas, then later i'll do old wives' tales and the names we've finally decided on.

anyway, a couple weeks ago i felt like we were so behind on planning for baby #2. then we managed to pick out names, nursery themes, and paint colors last week and i feel much better.

girl stuff just gets cuter every year. leila had a safari theme followed by a lot of owl and ladybug stuff as she got older. if we have a girl, we want her to have something different. we've decided on a bird theme and this is our current frontrunner.

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i like the quilted look to the bedding, plus the striped crib skirt. i'm sure we can find cute bird wall art to match these patterns.

much like leila's nursery, we are going to do a chair rail again. we are going to do the same for leila's new room. we'll keep beige above the chair rail, then paint below it. leila has requested purple for her room and picked out dark pink for a potential little sister. the overall nursery color scheme will be similar to leila's old set, but with more blue this time.

{ swatches from }

bedding was an easy choice for a sweet little son. the moment jake suggested a navy paint color, all i could envision was a nautical theme. jake agreed. we haven't decided on an exact set, but it'll probably be something like this.

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the little anchors and sailboats remind me of the time my parents took us out on a sailboat at my grandparents' cabin in wisconsin and all the summers we spent on the texas beaches growing up. we also like how simple this set is.

again we'll go with the chair rail, but this time with navy on the bottom. leila has quite a bit of green stuff, so it'd actually be nice to find a nautical set that incorporates a bit of light green. we shall see if we can find the perfect set so we can use some of her stuff again.

{ swatches from } 

i hope these ideas end up as cute as they seem in our heads.

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