Thursday, March 27, 2014

gender reveal #3: baby names

we decided on the baby's name a few weeks ago, although the funny thing is that it feels more like it was three years ago. you'll see why in a minute.

for a little girl...


*okay, jake informed me last night that although iiii have decided on this name, he has not. i still think it's safe to say this will be the baby's name if it's a girl. so whatever, husband! ;-)

first name reasoning: about two years ago we were driving around town and jake said "what do you think of leila and lily?" we weren't really planning to have another kid yet (or at all) but it always stuck in our minds as a cute combination if we ever had two little girls. two years later, it's our frontrunner. on top of that, my great-grandmother's name is lillian so lily would be named after her.

middle name reasoning: gwen was a last minute selection and a winner from the moment it was suggested (says me, allegedly, lol). jake had liked the name gwen when i was pregnant with leila. i like gwen because my grandma's middle name is gwendolyn and shortening to gwen is a tribute to her. i think maybe i have an aunt whose middle name is gwen too?

runner up #1: lily marie/charlotte
runner up #2: zoe ann
runner up #3: claire marie

why the runner up's were nixed: we both liked zoe, but not as much as lily. claire was more of my runner up than jake's; he is averse to it for some reason. i had two solid middle names in mind for a girl from the start- charlotte or marie. charlotte is my grandmother's name (charlotte gwendolyn, in fact). marie is my mom's middle name and my former middle name. my stepmom's name is mary ann, so i felt like marie covered both of my madres and myself. but alas, not our favorite middle name once gwen arrived on scene.

for a baby boy...


first name reasoning: does that look familiar? that was our boy name from when i was pregnant with leila! we discussed other names, but kept ending up back at alexander. :-)

middle name reasoning: jacob is my husband's middle name. although we aren't particularly fond of its roots, we love the idea of our son having the same middle name as his father.

runner up #1: owen jacob
runner up #2: hayden jacob
runner up #3: aiden alexander

why the runner up's were nixed: owen was my runner up, whereas hayden/aiden were jake's. jake couldn't fully get on board with owen, and i thought aiden was too trendy. jake really likes hayden but after i gave him statistics on hayden being more common for females than males these days, he finally gave up.

i can't wait to find out if we will have a little "leila and alex" or "leila and lily" combo! only a few more hours!!

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