Sunday, March 2, 2014

baby alex: 14 weeks

well, life is much more exciting at 14 weeks than it's been the past few months. mostly because i finally feel better both physically and mentally. :-)

how far along: 14 weeks

how big is baby: the size of a lemon (about 3.5 inches long)

weight gain / loss: i now weigh 146.8 lbs. i didn't gain any weight in the past two weeks, probably since i'm no longer compelled to eat every 30 minutes. my pre-pregnancy weight was 142.4 so i haven't quite gained five pounds yet.

symptoms: i'm actually starting to feel less pregnant. as much as i hated the nausea, i liked having it so that i knew my progesterone was going nuts and i could equate that to being pregnant. so no nausea, no cramping, no nothin'.

cravings / aversions: last week i worked in the dallas office and when i asked if anyone had any snacks, i got apples, bananas, and trail mix. it was not what i wanted. all i want is potato chips and pickles!

movement: still no movement that i can feel. the babycenter app (yes, i'm that pregnant person) says the baby can now grasp and even suck his thumb. sometimes i find baby's heartbeat on my left side, sometimes on my right, so i know he's active

gender: the tech guessed boy 2 weeks ago. we find out for sure on march 31st. can't wait.

belly button: no change

sleep: sleeping great which is a huge relief from the first trimester insomnia.

what i'm looking forward to: more baby shopping! with leila we aimed for neutral big pieces, so we'll do that again to tide over my shopping addition for a bit

what i miss: all of my cute work clothes. my beautiful cardigans suddenly look like crop tops with my bump. i've been wearing all of my favorites one last time before putting them in the back of the closet. i'm slowly accumulating good maternity clothes though.

highlights this past week: announcing the pregnancy to the world with this little gem of corniness

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