Sunday, March 16, 2014

baby alex: 16 weeks

time is flying, so let's get on with the post.

how far along: 16 weeks

how big is baby: the size of an avocado (about 4.5 inches long)

weight gain / loss: i weighed myself a day late at 147.4. baby got an inch bigger and i gained 0.6 pounds since last week. i've now gained exactly 5 pounds with this pregnancy. the next weight milestone will be "buck-fifty" as jake calls it.

symptoms: insomnia and occasional stretching pains come and go, otherwise just feeling superb.

cravings / aversions: mexican and thai! i managed to coerce a half dozen people into eating either mexican or thai in the past two weeks. then yesterday jake even bought me chips and queso for breakfast. i'm addicted.

movement: i felt baby for the first time on friday! i drank orange juice with dinner, so i think that contributed. the craziest thing was that we were discussing baby middle names at the time. i suggested a new girl combination and that was the moment i felt baby for the first time. i'm pretty sure we will go with that name if we have a girl, because it means even more than she has an opinion!

gender: our anatomy scan was rescheduled for march 27th so less than two weeks away. although we trusted the tech about the boy prediction at first, i'm no longer convinced. all babies have something between their legs at that stage. jake thinks it's another girl and he was right last time, so we'll see soon enough.

belly button: pretty sure i'll have another outie this pregnancy. i can already see my belly button make progress in that direction.

sleep: sleeping pretty well, except for leila's occasional escape from her new big girl bed.

what i'm looking forward to: the anatomy scan. hopefully my half cup of caffeinated coffee and use of salicylic acid haven't caused any problems...

what i miss: this is pathetic, but strength. i really need to start working out because i feel physically weak a lot. i just hate working out and that month of modified bed rest made me even weaker.

highlights this past week: we settled on names and nursery themes. can't wait to debut them on here in the coming weeks.

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