Tuesday, April 1, 2014

baby alex: 18 weeks

we had a busy weekend with my firm's annual dinner and family outings to the park, duck pond, carousel, etc. so i didn't get a chance to post this on time. but better late than never.

how far along: 18 weeks

how big is baby: the size of a bell pepper (about 5.5 inches long)

weight gain / loss: i weighed 148.4 lb on saturday, so a one pound increase over the past two weeks and six pounds over the pregnancy. i had another pop out this week, even without much weight gain. weird.

symptoms: feeling great with no weird symptoms

cravings / aversions: still on that mexican and thai kick. i also discovered that two slices of pie, even when craved, can make me feel sick. waaah for my body rejecting lots of sugar.

movement: the movement is off and on, not much to report here. oh, wait, baby is kicking right now. i mean alex is kicking. time to start using his name.

gender: we are having a little boy!!

belly button: no change, but progressively moving outward.

sleep: i've been sleeping great and even waking up on my own after about 8 hours of sleep. i think that means i'm rested enough.

what i'm looking forward to: starting on alex's nursery. although i was originally thinking nautical, we may just go with some sort of other sea-ish theme. i'm loving alligators and whales right now.

what i miss: we're on cloud 9 knowing we're having a boy, so i can't think of a single thing i miss today.

highlights this past week: oh you know, just finding out we are going to round out our family with a son. :-)

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