Wednesday, May 7, 2014

baby alex: 22 weeks

i am so very late with the 22 week update. i got a promotion at work last month, which has come with a major transition period. couple that with two big work deadlines and i'm working 10 hour days, with all spare time dedicated to jake and leila. sorry that the beach and lake have had to come before this post. :-)

how far along: 22 weeks

how big is baby: the size of a spaghetti squash (about 11 inches long head to heel and weighs a pound)

weight gain / loss: i started at 142.4lbs and at 22 weeks weighed 155.2. i seriously gained like 4 pounds over the course of two weeks, which is unacceptable. i've started to dislike the way my pants were fitting too, so hopefully the 24 week update will include some details on improving these stats.

symptoms: nothing new to report

cravings / aversions: i've been craving pop a lot, which probably contributed to that weight gain! also just generally wanting to eat a lot of anything during the day, ha. is there a correlation between "work hard, eat hard?"

movement: i forgot how much i love the feeling of baby hiccups! they are so cute.

gender: boy

belly button: no change

sleep: pregnancy wise, good sleep! toddler wise, not as good. ha

what i'm looking forward to: a break from all of these doc appts, woo hoo. my perinatologist cleared me until the last month or so of pregnancy, so i don't have to go in every month anymore. i enjoyed the extra sonos, but am pleased to have one less morning to take off from work now.

what i miss: my cute figure. can you see a recurring theme in this post!?

highlights this past week: having another 3d sono. we looked at alex and i swear i can already tell that he looks like leila. which means he also looks like jake. those 3d things are a bit creepy, but it's fun when you can distinguish features!

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