Saturday, July 26, 2014

baby alex: 34 weeks

i kind of like the photo this week. it looks like i merely put a basketball under my dress. obviously you can't see my legs... and i'm quite wide these days too, lol.

how far along: 34 weeks

how big is baby: the size of a canteloupe (18 inches long and weighs 4 3/4 pounds). that's a pound in two weeks, wow.

weight gain / loss: i started at 142.4 lbs and was 162 lbs two weeks ago. i'm now 163.4 lbs, having gained almost 1.5 pounds in two weeks. i'm now slightly nervous that i'm not gaining enough weight or not fast enough for baby's weight gain, so my goal is to start incorporating better fats and proteins into my diet. i just don't like protein much to begin with.

symptoms: the braxton-hicks contractions like to keep me up at least once a week now. also i can't even stand up without having to go pee. when i have to print stuff at work, i'm tempted to let papers pile up for two hours because if i get up every 10 minutes, i will inevitably go pee every 10 minutes.

cravings / aversions: craving fruit again, as usual. seriously not interested in turkey meat. i love deli sandwiches and turkey is grossing me out.

movement: occasionally i think alex's movements are the onset of contractions because my stomach gets crazy hard. but then he moves his butt in another direction and i realize that's all it was in the first place.

gender: boy

belly button: officially an outie.

sleep: i've started falling asleep earlier each night, around 9:30pm but am not ready to get up at 6:30am the next morning. it's not enough sleep. leila's been getting to school a little late this week!

what i'm looking forward to: the arrival of the crap ton of etsy orders i placed this weekend. i bought a wall decal with alex's name and some whales, a print to frame, and some contoured burp cloths. once these things arrive, the nursery should officially be done. yessss.

what i miss: flexibility and lower weight. i sat at my desk at work and tried to reach for a pen on the other side. it involved an awful grunt, painful stretch, and attempt to roll my chair over. rolling the chair was not very successful either. apparently it takes a little more effort to push my body on wheels. le sigh.

highlights this past week: my doctor gave us a timeline for alex's arrival! she said that if my thrombocytopenia starts acting up, they won't induce before august 11. they will try other courses of treatment before allowing me to go into labor before that date. i asked if i could induce closer to my due date if all was well and she said that if my cervix is favorable, they can induce no sooner than 39 weeks. i don't really want to induce until august 28 or 29, so i have a feeling those dates will be options. basically this little boy should be here between august 11 and 29! yay!

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