Sunday, July 6, 2014

healthy weight

a 32 week post is coming in the next few days. i got a cute new work dress this weekend that i need to wear tomorrow, so i'm sort of waiting to take a picture then. :-)

i'm in the mood to blog though, so i figured i'd talk about how i've been doing weight-wise this pregnancy. it is probably the topic that i put the most effort into with each survey. when i was pregnant with leila, i gained 32 pounds. that was in the healthy 25-35 pound range and i was very pleased. i didn't have stretch marks and could wear my rings, so all in all it was a victory.

with this pregnancy, i've been striving to say in that range once again. i actually didn't pay much attention to my weight gain at first, especially because i was on modified bed rest for a month. it wasn't until i started checking in on the baby center weight gain tracker that i paid better attention.

around 23 weeks i realized i was eating like crap and decided it was time to monitor the food i was eating. i started doing weight watchers, set up to gain something like 0.5-1 pounds each week. i mostly just used weight watchers because it's the easiest for me to wrap my head around, having done weight watchers a few times in the past.

when i started tracking what i ate, i noticed that i was seriously high on carbs and ridiculously low on fruits and veggies. since then, i've started to make sure i have fresh fruit in the house and at my office every week. i miss the occasional trip to the grocery store and always see my weight spike up when i've skipped a day or two of fruit/veggie snacks. i think it was actually last saturday when i weighed in at 163 lbs and had been eating cereal and chips as snacks in the few days leading up to that. a week and stocked fruit bowl later, i'm 162 lbs. it's crazy how much better snacking options can change things! although, i guess i will often throw in fruit or a salad as the side for a meal too when we have the food around.

since i'm an engineer, i live my life in excel. so what kind of engineer would i be if i hadn't been tracking my weight gain this whole time!? using the aforementioned weight gain tracker (starting weight 142 lbs and height 5'8"), i've been keeping track of if i'm in the healthy range. here is the chart so far:

every milestone of this pregnancy is evident in that graph. trucking along nice and healthy until at 8 weeks, i was diagnosed with a subchorionic hematoma and put on modified bed rest. for a month i was adhering to limited physical activity and around week 12 was cleared. then i did great. and then not because i promptly fell into "zomg, ramen noodles NOW" mode. i turned that ship around at 23 weeks and have been on a nice, healthy path ever since!

leila just woke up from a late nap so we're going to go snack on some watermelon and carrots. happy sunday, all!

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