Monday, August 4, 2014

baby alex: 36 weeks

i looked back on my 36 week post from when i was pregnant with leila and realized i was wearing this exact same shirt. i remembered wearing it up until the end with leila, but after looking at this picture am thinking it may not make it to the end because i'm getting too big!

how far along: 36 weeks

how big is baby: the size of a head of romaine lettuce (18.5 inches long and weighs 6 pounds)

weight gain / loss: i started at 142.4 lbs and weighed 163.4 at my last check in two weeks ago. i'm now 164.6 lbs, having gained 1.2 pounds in two weeks. i'm at the very bottom of the healthy range chart now with a 22 pound weight gain, but i'm sure this kid is going to gain another 2 pounds before delivery, so if i end at a 25 pound weight gain, i'll feel good.

symptoms: back pain is the worst! not like, braxton-hicks or contraction back pain. more like holy cow, gravity is taking over and my back can't keep up back pain

cravings / aversions: eh, i'll eat anything. definitely in the mood for water and cream soda more often though.

movement: plenty of movement, but nothing that keeps me up at night which is nice. it's also kind of entertaining to be sitting in meetings and see this kid moving all over the place. i keep wondering if anyone else in the room has noticed.

gender: boy

belly button: outie. womp womp

sleep: last week was terrible. no matter what time i went to bed or woke up, i couldn't get enough rest. this morning was the first time in a week i've felt well rested. i better wrap this up soon so i can feel rested tomorrow.

what i'm looking forward to: is it weird that i'm looking forward to my appointment next week? at 37 weeks the doc will start checking for progress. i'm interested to know if i'm at all effaced, dilated, etc.

what i miss: holding my girl with ease. i can't really help leila out of her carseat or carry her from the bath to her bedroom anymore. i used to love the snuggles i'd get out of those tasks, but i'm just not physically up to them anymore.

highlights this past week: i realized this weekend that i'm not very swollen (knock on wood!). i've had a simple white gold wedding band for the past 5 years and jake surprised me with a new diamond pave band this weekend. it's a little big so we are going to take it the jeweler to get it fitted before i go to the hospital, plus send my original one off for a deep cleaning. i won't be wearing it for a few days in the hospital anyway, so it'll be a good time. the whole thing made me realize that my fingers must not be the least bit swollen because my rings haven't felt tight at all. i also haven't had to switch shoes yet. i seem to recall making the switch to sandals and flip flops by now last time. but then again, i had gained about 10 more pounds than this with leila, so maybe that's part of it. either way, new wedding band + realization that i'm not very swollen = highlight!

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