Wednesday, August 13, 2014

early maternity leave

i just got home from my 38 week appt (i'm actually 37+4 today) and it went well. i had my first cervical exam of the third trimester and am dilated 1cm and 70% effaced. alex's head was very very low so she had a hard time reaching the cervix. she said i was contracting while laying there, so that seems good. i feel like most of this is standard ops at this stage, and in a good way.

my platelet count is dropping a little, but nothing significant. i went from 263 two weeks ago to 220 last week. those values are both well above the low threshold of 100-150, so i'm not concerned. hopefully today's platelet count stays up in that range and they stop trending downward.

the nurse and doc both commented on how great i look, especially with zero swelling. last wednesday i started sporting cankles and not looking great. then on thursday, while walking to the bathroom at work, i passed out. didn't really feel it coming on, just woke up to lots of people around me and freaking out that something had happened to the baby. i was trying really hard to focus on feeling movement but the whole thing was so overwhelming and scary that i couldn't stop crying, hyperventilating, and actually focus. eventually i felt alex move, but i ended up getting shipped to the ER. jake met my coworker and i there, and they did several tests on me. they could only find that my blood sugar was a bit low and heartrate dropped pretty low at one point. nothing conclusive. then we went to labor and delivery to monitor alex. i loved the doctor there. he said alex's graphs (or whatever they are) were the best he'd seen all day and that except for a few contractions, i looked good too.

the whole thing was enough to put me on early maternity leave though. i have pretty mixed feelings on being out already. on one hand, i feel like this may cut my time with alex short later. but on the other, my body was obviously sending a very clear message- get some rest, mama! less than a week of limited activity later, all swelling has gone away and i feel more energized than i have in months. that feels unreal at almost 38 weeks pregnant! and check it out, i actually have time to blog, lol.

that's all for today. just wanted to make sure last week's craziness made it onto the blog and give an update of the appointment. cheerio!

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