Tuesday, August 26, 2014


i can't believe it's almost here. the arrival of alexander jacob. it's been a rough journey; much more difficult than my pregnancy with leila. getting pregnant with leila was harder, but keeping alex and myself healthy has been much more strenuous. from thrombocytopenia to fainting to mastitis to subchorionic hematoma, it's been a wild ride.

but the wild ride should be coming to an end on thursday.

yesterday i went in for a sonogram to check on alex's growth because my belly was measuring a few weeks behind. although i'm 39.5 weeks along, his measurements put him about 36 weeks and under 6 pounds. my doctor wanted to get a second opinion from my perinatologist, so i went there today. their super high tech equipment showed the same thing. his belly, femur, and forearm were all indicative of about 35.5 weeks, but his head was 39 weeks. i guess he'll have a big noggin like his sister! she did say that was a good thing because it means he's keeping up developmentally, just not physically. overall, alex appeared to be in about the 7th percentile for his gestational age, which means he is going to be a little peanut.

i asked the doctor what could've caused alex to stop growing. she said that there are three primary reasons- a chromosomal abnormality, birth defect, or the placenta is no longer working correctly. she said that she is absolutely not concerned that there is a chromosomal or birth defect issue, because they've scanned me so thoroughly in her office since the beginning of the pregnancy and haven't seen any indication. that actually made me very grateful for the monthly sonograms i've managed to have along the way! she said it's more than likely a placenta issue, but they can't know for sure until i deliver. for some people, the placenta just stops functioning as well as it should a little early. for the past few weeks, alex hasn't been getting the nutrients he needs through the placenta.

i asked if there was anything i'd done to cause this and she said no. that made me feel better. it also explains why today i weighed only 166 pounds. i've gained a whopping 2.5 pounds since 34 weeks, which is on par with a baby not growing much.

i'd be lying if i didn't admit i'm a little nervous about inducing on thursday. but boy would i rather be induced in this situation than go into labor on my own! if i went into labor on my own, i'd be terrified that the contractions were too strenuous for him and i couldn't monitor how he was doing with them. they hooked me up to some monitors today to check his heart rate and my contractions. i had a couple of contractions while i was hooked up and his heart rate was great too. because of those things, plus the fact that my cervix is favorable, everyone seems to think alex and i have a good shot at an easy delivery on thursday. i hope that is indeed the case!

in the meantime, i'm soaking up time with jake and my leilybug. i'm going to miss her so much while we are at the hospital! i'm gonna get some rest and prepare for my last day as a mommy of an only child tomorrow. good night!

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